‘NADFAS Young Arts aims to encourage an interest and enthusiasm for the arts in young people which will, it is to be hoped, last a lifetime. Young Arts works in two ways; through running workshops, visits, group activities or classes or by funding ‘one off” projects which might range from providing bursaries for individual students to financing group visits to galleries or museums.

Our committee member for Young Arts, Paul Chapman, would be delighted to hear from you with ideas or suggestions.

At a time when funding for the arts is under pressure in both schools and the wider community Young Arts can make a real contribution to the cultural experience of young people.










In the recently completed project under the direction of local artist Oliver Budd we worked with Ticehurst and Flimwell C of E Primary School to design a mosaic floor for the new defibrillator booth created from the old telephone booth and  centred in the village of Flimwell.

The children presented their designs then these were turned into the mosaic. Many children in years 5 & 6 were involved with the design and making of the project and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Catherine Arnold, the head of art at Ticehurst Primary School reported that ‘This really is a fantastic project for us, so many thanks for your support”. The final product and installation is recorded here:

The booth and children awaiting the official opening.

The opened booth.

The Chairman, Heather Parker, and the Young Arts Commitee Member, Paul Chapman.


Previous projects

In 2012 the High Weald Society worked with Year 9 students at Invicta Grammar School for girls, providing them with funding to buy oil paints.  Due to the cost, students cannot usually experience this medium until they start GCSE work in Year 10. As part of the celebrations for the Queen’s Jubilee, the girls took part in a national competition to paint their own  portraits of the Queen following a visit to The National Portrait Gallery exhibition. One of the students won a prize and has had her portrait painted. This Society was also able to fund two small bursaries to students who showed particular promise. In the current year it is hoped to work with Benenden Church of England Primary School.

Here is a report from Benenden Primary School about their art workshop day in September 2013
“Our art workshop day in September, kindly sponsored by NADFAS was such a lovely beginning to a very busy term. Teresa Paiva from Wise Moves art workshops spent the day with us, working with every child in the school, from the oldest to the youngest, to plan and prepare a large Tryptych collage. The final destination for this collage will be display space in our new school hall, but for now, it will be proudly featured outside Mrs. Knox’s office.

The Tryptych is planned to incorporate images from Benenden Primary School, past and present, including children and teachers, layered with photos taken around the Green. We also hope that the children will be able to add images of their favourite parts of the school building so that when finished, the picture will represent many happy memories for our community.

Teresa worked with the children to teach them how to reproduce and layer images and arrange them to pleasing effect. The children have begun to assemble their pictures and to work on them with acrylic paint and other media. The plan is now to continue to assemble photos, maps, original artwork and to layer and collage until a scrap book effect is achieved. The sponsorship money from NADFAS has enabled the children to plan and work together as a team, working with an artist has enriched their curriculum and we will have a lasting artwork to take with us to the new school.

The children had lots to say about their art day :

‘I enjoyed putting glue on the photo of the old cricket team and rubbing it down’ Alice aged 8
‘The children really enjoyed doing it, it’s a nice thing to do. It’s not wasting school time and I would like to do it again’ Olivia aged 8
‘I traced a picture of the school as it is now’ Thomas aged 7
‘I enjoyed rolling paint onto the board. It was a good experience to do big art’ Lucy aged 8
‘I traced the sign for the big school. It was really hard to do but I got halfway through and then I could see the lines. It was really fun!’ Jessica aged 9

We will be proud to be able to display our art project to the community when it is completed and will naturally keep you informed of our progress. Thank you all once again for making all this possible. Without your kind sponsorship, we would not have had the funding to go ahead.”

Ready to go..Benenden School Young Arts

Ready to go..Benenden School Young Arts

Pupils at Benenden School

Pupils at Benenden School

If you are interested in helping to foster an interest in the arts with young people by offering suggestions for projects or practical help please get in touch.