Chairman’s letter

Welcome to The Arts Society,High Weald, formerly the High Weald Decorative and Fine Arts Society, one of many such societies all over the UK, and in many other parts of the world. We meet monthly, in our case on the last Tuesday in the month, to hear illustrated lectures about an amazing variety of subjects, all to do with the arts, and that includes painting, architecture, sculpture, music, photography, jewellery, costume, posters …. I could go on, but just look at Lectures on the Events page and you’ll see what I mean. Our society is known for its friendliness. Before the lecture we have coffee together, and that is when we meet old friends and get to know new ones.

As well as the lectures, we have Study Days to learn more about a chosen subject. We go to the theatre, where as a group we can get excellent reductions on ticket prices, and we also go on outings, sometimes to explore a part of London, or to visit great houses, such as Parham House, Chevening, Kenwood House, or gardens, like the Secret Garden in Sandwich.

We have even been on holiday tours, usually with a knowledgeable guide, to Berlin, to Malta, to explore the Palladian houses in the Veneto, to visit the Irish Georgian houses around Dublin, to Puglia and recently to Sicily.

All of this needs a committee to organise it, and you will meet us all at the Tuesday meetings. Rachel Hay copes with all the aspects of membership, so you will meet her smiley face as you walk in the door at Benenden Village Hall. You’ll meet Jacqueline Schalburg, our Vice-Chairman, who also doubles as Secretary. Michael Vaughan is responsible for choosing the lecturers and subjects for each meeting, so he will be interested in your impressions. Patrick Izod organises the visits, and always welcomes suggestions for future visits, and Daphne McKerrill manages the Study Days. Behind the scenes, my husband, Kenneth, copes with this website, Mailchimp, tours and lecture reports. And I’m afraid you can’t avoid me, the chairman, because I introduce the speakers and make any announcements necessary.

I do hope that I have tempted you to find out more about The Arts Society High Weald, and eventually to join our waiting list. Come as a guest, even before you join the waiting list. You will always be very welcome.

Heather Parker (Chairman)

Benenden Cricket Green and Village Sign

Benenden Cricket Green and Village Sign

Benenden Village Hall where we meet is spacious and comfortable with good parking and a lovely pub next door for lunch after the lectures. It also has disabled access and a hearing loop.  We hold meetings on the third Tuesday of each month with a break in July and August, starting again in September.  We have helpful members who provide coffee and biscuits from 10.15 am to 10.30 am. Notices are announced at 10.40 am and the actual meeting starts at 10.45 am ending at noon.  We pride ourselves on having excellent speakers and full power point presentations. We are also fortunate in having the invaluable help of Bruce Gear who deals with all aspects of hall arrangement and presentation.

In our charitable status we support “The Romney Marsh Historic Churches Trust”, which is very special in this area and Cranbrook Museum.  “Young Arts”, projects are also organised and subsidised where possible under the supervision of  Paul Chapman.



The Arts Society High Weald has 325 members drawn from a wide rural catchment area.  Annual subscriptions are currently £35.00 per person and £65.00 for a couple, payable by standing order on 1st October fot the following year.  Members are also invited to complete a Gift Aid form.

Each member is entitled to apply to bring a guest three times per year to lectures, booked in advance with the membership secretary.  There is a small charge of £6.00 for guests.  Although we try to accommodate as many guests as the venue will allow, we do have to limit the number of guests if the lecture is likely to be very popular.

In addition we have a waiting list, currently of about 33 applicants. It takes approximately 2-3 years based on current resignations, to become a full member. There is, however, plenty to enjoy while you are waiting as you are welcome to attend three lectures a year until you become a full member.  You may also attend as a guest of an existing member, for another three lectures annually, and of course you are generally invited to join outings and study days.

We welcome new members in January with an invitation to meet with the committee.  There are also committee members available at each meeting to answer any questions and to ensure new members are introduced to others and feel a full and valued part of the society.

Rachel Hay

Membership Secretary