For the last ten years we have been organising theatre visits for our members, and they have been very popular. The variety of productions range from opera at Glyndebourne, through comedies such as ‘ One Man, Two Guv’nors’,   Shakespeare at the Globe,  moving plays such as ‘Uncle Vanya’ and ‘the Madness of King George’, marvellous productions like ‘War Horse’ , and musicals like ‘Matilda’ and ‘Top Hat’. Because we book tickets for more than 10 people, we can command a considerable reduction on the price, sometimes as much as £20.  Members learn about the next theatre visit at the monthly meetings, and by being on our mailing list on the internet. If they wish to join us, they send us a cheque for the requisite amount, along with a stamped addressed envelope. This is for us to send them their tickets, or return the cheque if less than 10 members have joined us.  When we first started, we also hired a coach to take us to London and back, but this was both expensive, and time consuming, so, since almost all of us have senior rail cards, it has become our practice to travel up by train, sometimes earlier in the day in order to take in an exhibition or do some shopping. We often meet up for supper in some restaurant near the relevant theatre, and certainly on the train home that evening there is much discussion of the production we have seen. Members may bring their friends on these visits, and occasionally even their children or grandchildren. It’s a delightful way to make more friends in HWDFAS, and enjoy much that the London theatre scene has to offer.

Kenneth and Heather Parker.



Moliere’s The Miser at the Garrick Theatre on 3rd May 2017

A proposed  trip in February did not recruit but our last trip on 3rd May did and a small group of us went to see Moliere’s The Miser at the Garrick Theatre. The size of the group (about a dozen) was possibly a conception of this as a classical play often studied in the 6th form at school but, in fact, it was a real slapstick performance reminiscent of the Whitehall farces and had many of us convulsed with laughter.


RSC in Love’s Labours Lost and Won at the Theatre Royal on 15 Dec 2016

Alan Ayckbourne’s How the Other Half Loves at the Theatre Royal on 28 April 2016

Nell Gwynn at the Apollo Theatre on 25 March 2016

Mr Foote’s Other Leg at the Theatre Royal on 26 Nov 2015

Beaux Stratagem at the Olivier on 28 May 2015

Lord of the Dance at the Dominion on 19 March 2015

Charles III at Wyndhams on 14 Jan 2015