Our Committee Members

Chairman Heather Parker
Vice Chairman Jacqueline Schalburg
Hon Treasurer Bruce Seton
Hon Secretary Jacqueline Schalburg
Membership Secretary Rachel Hay
Programme Secretary Michael Vaughan
Visits Secretary Patrick Izod
Study Days Daphne McKerrell
Young Arts Paul Chapman
Website, Mailchimp & Tours Kenneth Parker
Current Area Chairman Elaine Graham


Heather 2014liz-young1Jacqueline crop

Heather Parker                      Liz Young                            Jacqueline Schalburg

bruce-setonRachel crop

Daphne McKerrell                   Bruce Seton                          Rachel Hay

Michael cropPaul cropPatrick crop

Michael Vaughan                Paul Chapman                        Patrick Izod

Kenneth cropBruce crop

Kenneth Parker                     Bruce Gear

Village Hall, Equipment & Technology               Bruce Gear

Coffee and Refreshments         Ann Bramall. Jenny Newton & Elizabeth and Ross Johnston



The society began life in 1997. It was conceived by three founding members who, each in their turn, nurtured it through a nine year gestation period to give it the best possible start in life. They did this so successfully that Jane, the first chairman, was co-opted by NADFAS House to help new societies start up. She continues to give valuable advice to our society. Anne, the second chairman, met an untimely death two years ago and is sorely missed. Flick is still with us and lends us her husband as Treasurer.


Previous Chairmen

  • 1997-2000 Jane Sawyer
  • 2000-2003 Lady Anne Warren


    Jane Sawyer



  • 2003-2006 Flick Seton
  • 2006-2009 Cath Scales
  • 2009-2012 Jane Hoole
  • 2012-2015 Rosemary Izod
    Cath Scales crop




Rosemary 2014







Chairman’s Letter, (updated from October 2016)

I can hardly believe that a year has passed since I became chairman of High Weald DFAS. We have had so many excellent lectures, which have taught us so much, and opened windows on subjects about which we knew little. How many of us knew how to interpret those enigmatic paintings by the aborigines of Australia before the lecture last January, or about the life of Jews in London. That lecture was such fun, though I admit it had little to do with art. Our visits to North Africa will now have an extra dimension because of the lecture entitled ‘ Rome in Africa’. All these speakers were engaged by Margaret Sargent, who has provided us with such splendid lectures for the past three years, and we all owe her our thanks for that.

Next year the talks will be the choice of Michael Vaughan. I have already seen the programme, and I can promise you a superb selection. Of course none of these lectures would be half so good if they weren’t illustrated, and the person who makes this possible is my hero Bruce Gear, who has the hall all ready for us when we arrive, copes with the slides and memory sticks of our speakers, and even helped put up our posh new screen. Thank you, Bruce. May I also take this opportunity to thank Ann Bramall, Jenny Newton and Elizabeth Johnston for all they do to give us our welcome coffee before the meeting. They are much appreciated.

Several members of the committee have served previously, and I thank Jacqueline for taking on the task of Secretary, Patrick, who continues to think up and plan so meticulously those marvellous visits to London and places round Kent and Sussex – I found the recent visit to Chevening really inspiring, though I’ve no wish to be a member of the cabinet – and Liz, who applied her admirable efficiency to the membership details, a role she has now passed on to Rachel Hay and, of course, Bruce who manages our finances with such humour and tolerance These four have helped the transition to a new committee to be smooth and pleasant.

Our new committee members soon found their feet. Aldona is made great strides with the study days, and chose some really intriguing subjects, but unfortunately, she has now resigned and passed the baton to Daphne McKerrell. The study day in November on caring for antique furniture was really fascinating. Paul has great ideas for Young Arts, and cut his teeth on organising a mosaic floor, designed and made by the children of Ticehurst Primary School, for the old telephone kiosk in Ticehurst which now houses a defibrillator. I am happy to say that Liz has consented to carry on as member without portfolio. She was too valuable to lose.

And there is one person who has no wish to be on the committee, but has made himself invaluable to us. I promise you I didn’t expect my husband to do anything active for the society while I was chairman, although he has always organised the theatre visits with me, but to my surprise he has taken over managing the website, mastered the mysteries of mailchimp, by which we email all members on the internet, and now has even organised the first study tour we have had for a few years. Thank you so much, Kenneth.

All the people I have mentioned deserve my thanks for their hard work. I thank all the members too for their friendliness and support. It makes me very proud that High Weald is one of the friendliest societies in Kent, and as we celebrate our 20th anniversary in January 2017, with sparkling drinks and delicious nibbles, I feel High Weald is a Society in good heart. Long may it continue so!

End of Term Reports of Previous Chairmen

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