Our Committee Members

Chairman Jacqueline Schalburg
Vice Chairman Rachel Hay
Hon Treasurer Bruce Seton
Hon Secretary Jill Craig
Membership Secretary Rachel Hay
Programme Secretary Paula Bolton
Visits Secretary Judith Marks
Study Days Michael Vaughan
Young Arts Paul Chapman
Website & Tours Kenneth Parker
Current Area Chairman Lee Cary


Jacqueline crop

Jacqueline Schalburg

bruce-setonRachel crop

                Bruce Seton                   Rachel Hay

Michael cropPaul crop

Michael Vaughan                Paul Chapman

Jill Craig                           Judith Marks

Paula Bolton

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Kenneth Parker                     Bruce Gear

Village Hall, Equipment & Technology               Bruce Gear

Coffee and Refreshments         Ann Bramall. Jenny Newton & Elizabeth and Ross Johnston



The society began life in 1997. It was conceived by three founding members who, each in their turn, nurtured it through a nine year gestation period to give it the best possible start in life. They did this so successfully that Jane, the first chairman, was co-opted by NADFAS House to help new societies start up. She continues to give valuable advice to our society. Anne, the second chairman, met an untimely death a few years ago and is sorely missed. Flick is still with us and lends us her husband as Treasurer.

In 2017, NADFAS (The National Association of Decorative and Fine Arts Societies) changed its name to The Arts Society and this is the body to which we are now affiliated.

Previous Chairmen

  • 1997-2000 Jane Sawyer
  • 2000-2003 Lady Anne Warren


    Jane Sawyer



  • 2003-2006 Flick Seton
  • 2006-2009 Cath Scales
  • 2009-2012 Jane Hoole
  • 2012-2015 Rosemary Izod
  • 2015-2018 Heather Parker

CATH SCALES                                 JANE HOOLE



Rosemary 2014



End of term Chairman’s Letter

These past three year have positively whizzed by, but I think we have achieved a lot in that time. High Weald still has the reputation of being a friendly society, and I am proud of that. We’ve had some brilliant lectures, and our eyes have been opened to many aspects of the arts. We’ve been to Russia, Africa, Australia, Paris, Spain and
Japan. We now know what naughty monks wrote in the margins of their manuscripts, how to look at the frames of paintings too, and even  ow to bind a book. For all this we have a new screen and a marvellous new projector.There have been many journeys, near and far, to Chevening, to our lovely Romney Marsh churches, to the theatre to see wonderful plays and musicals, and even to Sicily and to Crete.This all sounds very self- indulgent, but I should make it clear that as well as making donations to local museums and charities, we do help introduce arts to the young.

They say the world is divided into ‘them as gets on with it, and them as sits and watches.. Our committee is certainly of the former sort and has never shied away from any demands made of them. Jacqueline has struggled every year with the layout and content of the programme card, minutes, missives and so much else and always come out triumphant. Bruce Seton, our treasurer, every year, manages our finances with sardonic humour, Michael Vaughan found exciting and fascinating subjects for us to explore, and also entertained our speakers, not always easy. like the gentleman he is. Rachel, our marvellously efficient membership secretary, coped coolly with every problem that arose. Patrick Izod always came up with new and amazing visits, and organised them to perfection. Meanwhile Paul Chapman, working for Young Arts, has his own reward, not only in the lovely mosaics the children have created, but in the pride in the children’s faces. Daphne McKerrell took on the Study Days at very short notice, but even then she didn’t expect the difficulties which confronted her, yet she won out every time. And to keep us all calm and happy, we had dear Liz Young, ready to catch before we fall. Laughter has been the keynote of our committee meetings, and it has been a constant pleasure to chair them. I thank all my committee with all my heart. And I also thank the man who refused to come to committee meetings but did so much for High Weald. He coped with Mailchimp, so that you all got the news, which saved a lot on postage, gathered lecture reports, managed the website, and single handedly organised those fabulous visits to Sicily and Crete, Oh, and then gave us an impromptu lecture when our speaker couldn’t come, with such success that he then gave us a study day, for free. No chairman ever had such support from her husband as I had. Thank you, Kenneth, from me and from all of us.

I wonder if you have ever imagined a meeting with no provision of coffee and biscuits before the lecture, a time when we can meet friends and chat. We all owe a tremendous debt to dear Anne Bramall, Ross and Elizabeth Johnston, and Jenny Newton. Thank you so much, all of you.And now try to imagine coming to a meeting with no chairs set out for you. Imagine having to sit on the floor, and even worse, trying to get up again! We have to thank Bruce Gear with his helper for this and also for setting up the screen and projector for our speakers.

And now it’s my turn to say goodbye – at least to my role as Chairman. I am really sad to relinquish it, because I’ve enjoyed these three years hugely and made so many friends through it. Thank you so much for all your kindness and support. I wish Jacqueline as much pleasure and reward as I have had.

End of Term Reports of Previous Chairmen

Chairman’s Report 2009

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